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What if my teacher cancels a lesson?

✏️ What if my teacher cancels a lesson?

Teachers understand that being consistent is very important in lessons. They’ll always try to reschedule if they can, but, if they have to cancel, you’ll get a make up credit. 

You can use the make up credit just like rescheduling a lesson. You can request

  • A different day or time

  • A virtual lesson

  • Additional time on future lessons 

  • A personalized video for the student (10-15 min)

In the event that a teacher is unable to reschedule (a teacher cancellation), you will receive a make up credit. Your teacher will work with you to redeem the make up credit in one of the ways listed above.

You have 90 days to redeem make up credits. You can accumulate up to four make up credits per student per instrument. In the rare event that you accumulate four make up credits in 90 days, you can request that we credit you for one month of tuition by emailing us.

Unused make up credits expire 90 days after the canceled lesson. If you cancel a lesson that you had requested to reschedule, the make up credit will be considered redeemed. Make up credits have no cash value.

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