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What flexible summer tuition options are available?

🏖️ Many families travel over the summer, so we make it easy to take fun, flexible music lessons that work with your travel schedule. Taking lessons over the summer is fun and easy, because it keeps students engaged, and students can work on fun songs, like TV or movie themes, Disney, and more!

Remember, you can request a make up lesson in advance from your teacher anytime, including over the summer. Read more here.

Beginning approximately mid-May each year and continuing approximately until your area's public school district resumes in the fall, we offer the following flexible summer tuition options to make summer a breeze:

  1. Traveling 1-3 weeks in a month: Make up lessons are the easiest way to have flexability while keeping lessons going over the summer, ensuring that students keep learning and having fun playing summer music.

    1. Reach out to your teacher in advance to request a make up lesson for any weeks you'll be out. View options for requesting a make up lesson here.

  2. Traveling more than 3 weeks in a month: Prorated summer tuition is available when you contact the office in advance of your next tuition statement between approximately mid-May and approximately the start of public school for the Fall semester. This helps you keep learning when there would be too many make ups to complete otherwise.

    1. You must notify the office by calling or emailing us (we don't get texts) at least 7 days in advance of your next tuition statement to take advantage of prorated summer tuition.

  3. Taking the whole summer off: If you'll be traveling all or most of the summer, you can easily resume with priority scheduling.

    1. Priority scheduling: We'll give you priority access to your teacher's fall schedule. This is a great way to ensure you have the best chance of getting your same day and time again in the following school year.

    2. You must notify the office by calling or emailing us (we don't get texts) at least 7 days in advance of your next tuition statement to avoid having lessons scheduled the following month.

When are these flexible summer options available?

These options are available approximately mid-May through approximately when your public school district resumes classes in the Fall. Be on the lookout for a message from your teacher with specific dates starting in April.

Can we play fun music over the summer?

Absolutely! Summer is a great time for students to learn their favorite songs and work on pieces that they might not normally do during the school year. Talk to your teacher if you have special music you want to work on over the summer.

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