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Doorstep Music Lessons is a proud sponsor of Notes for Notes.

Sign up today to get up to 25% off your first month. 100% of 1st-month profits go directly to Notes for Notes.

NOTES FOR NOTES® provides youth with FREE access to music instruments and recording studio environments so that music may become a profoundly positive influence in their lives. 
Notes for Notes

Get up to 25% off your 1st month and support Notes for Notes today

Boys in Guitar Class

(702) 482-7494‬

Begin your musical journey today with personalized, fun, in-home lessons.

  • Learn an instrument

  • Unleash your creativity

  • Play recitals

  • No traffic, no hassle

  • Any age

  • Beginner to virtuoso

For new families who sign up using code notes10, you will receive a discount on your first month of lessons. For 30-minute lessons, save 10%; for 45-minute lessons, save 15%; for 60-minute lessons, save 25%. Doorstep Music Lessons will donate 100% of profits from your 1st month of lessons to Notes for notes. Offer valid for new families only who sign up using code notes. Doorstep Music Lessons may change or suspend this offer at any time.

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