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Jae Sim

Drums, Music Production

Jae Sim is a multi-talented musician with a diverse background in music. Originally a classical violinist in Korea, he discovered his passion for drumming upon relocating to Los Angeles. Through self-teaching and active involvement in local bands, Jae honed his drumming skills across various genres.

As a music instructor, Jae is dedicated to guiding aspiring musicians on their creative journeys. Drawing from his own experiences and comprehensive musical education, he creates a positive and engaging learning environment with his patient and encouraging teaching style.

In addition to teaching, Jae showcases his talent as a composer and producer through collaborations with K-pop artists. With his versatile background, passion for drumming, and commitment to education, he has become a well-rounded and influential figure in the music community. Currently based in Las Vegas, Jae continues to pursue his passion for music and education, leaving a lasting impact on his students and the vibrant music scene of the city.

Jae Sim


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Musicians Institute


Las Vegas

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