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John Anthony Signorella

Drums, Piano, Guitar

John Anthony Signorella is a drummer, guitarist and pianist, with over 25 years of playing experience and an additional two decades dedicated to teaching. He has made a significant impact on the local music scene. Boasting an extensive background in various musical styles, he holds a comprehensive education that informs his versatile approach to instruction.

John's musical journey has taken him on tours and recording sessions with national acts, whose music found its way into major motion picture and video game soundtracks. Recognized for his proficiency, he has been awarded and admired for producing students who now thrive as professional instructors and performers.

John has built a reputation for shaping the best "up and coming" drummers in the area for the last 15 years. Beyond percussion, John's guitar and piano music lessons have generated considerable enthusiasm within local communities.

His teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing a deep appreciation for music while imparting the necessary skills for professional success. Educated in all styles of music, John strives to create an environment where students can explore their artistic potential fully.

Known for his positive impact, John has received commendations from parents attesting to his effectiveness in fostering musical growth. As a committed instructor, he aims to instill a love for music that lasts a lifetime, guiding students to become not only proficient musicians but also passionate advocates for the art. Having been teaching for over 20 years, John's wealth of experience continues to inspire the next generation of musicians.

John Anthony Signorella


✅ Background checked and verified


20+ years teaching experience


Las Vegas

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