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Mr. Dan Johnson

Piano, Guitar, Music Theory, Music Production, Ukulele, Songwriting

Dan Johnson is a guitarist, pianist, and singer-songwriter. He grew up in Colorado, where he graduated with a degree in Music in 2010 from Colorado Christian University. Afterwards, he pursued a career in the Live Concert Production industry, working as a Project Manager and Labor Manager with some of the biggest artists in the world, like: Andrea Bocelli, Jonas Brothers, and Harry Styles.

He's been playing Guitar since 2001 and Piano since 2006, writing his first song after only a month of playing guitar. Songwriting and playing has been a passion for the majority of his life, and he loves sharing his passion with others through the teaching of music. He believes music is incredibly important for the enjoyment of life, and that it should be both fun as well as personally rewarding. Having two young kids of his own, Dan enjoys singing and playing music to and with his children as well.

Dan believes that people have different ways of how they learn best, and he tries to adjust his teaching methods to best suit his students. Some may want to learn songs they listen to and already love, while some might like a more structured curriculum. He hopes that whatever way his students will learn, they will continue to have fun while also increasing their skill level each week. The goal is help show how fulfilling playing music can be for life, and hopefully instill a passion for music that will live on.

Mr. Dan Johnson


✅ Background checked and verified


Bachelor of Music, Colorado Christian University


Las Vegas

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