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Ondrej Suska

Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Songwriting

Ondrej Suska has been involved with music for over 10 years, starting in High School playing with the school Jazz Band throughout numerous festivals and events, as well as performing with local rock Bands, Mariachi ensembles, and acapella groups to list a few. Hailing from Baja California, Mexico, Ondrej's multicultural upbringing has long contributed to his ability to adapt music from all cultures and of all styles including but not limited to: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Samba, Bossa-nova, Mariachi and Worship.

Ondrej is also a talented songwriter and composer, his music has been featured in various award-winning short films working alongside the UNLV film department in addition to various artistic side projects Ondrej not only hopes to instill good habits in regards to technique on the instrument but also teach the why and how to music and how it works and how it can help us in other areas of life.

Most important to him is teaching the joy of creative freedom that anyone can realize when it's their turn to create some music, whether it is through teaching songwriting or creating melodic ideas.

Ondrej Suska


✅ Background checked and verified


University of Nevada Las Vegas


Las Vegas

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