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Wendy Chong


Wendy has been teaching since 2016 and has a strong focus on working in early music education -- with small group classes, children's vocal ensemble, creating a curriculum for homeschoolers and in private lessons for piano and voice. She is a coloratura soprano with training in piano, voice and music composition. Her focus is on creating a whole-child education, an excellent foundation in theory, musicianship and musical technique and a transformative, encouraging experience.

A perceptive, kind and bold teacher, she fosters a strong mind/body connection, discipline and creativity in her students through music. Her students have done well in past RCM exams and she is able to break down complex concepts so that even the youngest child can understand. Wendy believes that the individual needs of the student should dictate the pace of the instruction and that every student should have a solid musical foundation in musicianship, theory and sight-reading. Being able to bring joy into others' lives through music and encouragement is what motivates her at the end of the day.

Wendy Chong


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University of Nevada Las Vegas

Las Vegas

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