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How can my child start piano lessons?

Your child can easily start taking piano lessons! Many kids get interested in piano through school, iPad apps, or by playing a keyboard at home. To find them a teacher, you can start by reaching out to local schools and universities, or speak with other parents whose kids take piano now.

Look for a teacher whose education is listed on the school's website, and make sure they have been background checked. Make sure you learn more about your potential teacher to know if they're a good fit for your child's goals and interests.

At our school, we carefully select our teachers. All of our teachers have a bachelor's degree or higher in music or equivalent performance experience. We background check and verify our teachers, and we also offer our Love Your Teacher Guarantee.

Our Enrollment Specialists learn as much as possible about your child's goals, skills, interests and background to help pair you with the right teacher, whether you're looking for something fun and casual or serious and focused, and our teachers tailor their lessons to your child's needs and goals.

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