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How does tuition work?

😊 Our school’s tuition is simple.

It’s a flat, monthly rate based on the duration of your lessons. That means that it stays the same every month, so doesn’t go up or down depending on the number of weeks in the month.

Lessons are taught weekly. The great thing about tuition being monthly and lessons being weekly is that you are not charged extra or forced to skip a lesson when there are five weeks in a month, which happens four or five times per year.

🎻 In addition to weekly lessons, students may also play on our Winter and Spring recitals at no extra charge.

Our students love their lessons and teachers, so we do not require any long-term commitments or contracts with tuition. If, for some reason, you don’t love your teacher, you can always take advantage of our Love Your Teacher Guarantee.

Our school is open 48 weeks of the year, with four holiday weeks when students are off. Lessons are not scheduled during


Winter Break (two weeks)

Spring Break

These are the busiest times of year for families. Because there are no lessons scheduled with our school during that time, there is no need to worry about rescheduling.

Tuition is based on 48 weeks of lessons, with the entire year being divided evenly by 12 months for your convenience. That means that tuition does not decrease or increase, even in months with five lessons or months with Holidays.

If you have questions about how tuition or Holidays work, please contact our office.

For our refund policy, click here.

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