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What if my teacher cancels a lesson?

✏️ What if my teacher cancels a lesson?

Our teachers understand that being consistent is very important in lessons and that your time is important, so they will always prioratize having your lesson at the original date and time when possible.

Sometimes teachers will need flexability from you, and sometimes you will need flexability from teachers. In the even that your teacher has to reschedule a lesson, you will receive a make up credit.

How can I redeem a make up credit?

We have four easy ways for your and your teacher to redeem a make up credit. You and your teacher can work together to determine what works best for your situation.

  • A different day or time

  • A virtual lesson

  • Additional time on future lessons 

  • A personalized video for the student (10-15 min)

Can a make up credit be redeemed right away?

Yes, just reach out to your teacher. In most cases, make up lessons are able to scheduled and completed within 7 days.

What if I can't redeem my make up credits right away?

We make it easy to redeem make up credits by making them good for 90 days from the date of the orignally cancelled lesson. In the rare event that you accumulate four make up credits in 90 days, you can request that we credit you for one month of tuition by emailing us.

Unused make up credits expire 90 days after the canceled lesson. If you cancel a lesson that you had requested to reschedule, the make up credit will be considered redeemed. Make up credits have no cash value.


During school holidays, our school is closed. To allow families to enjoy time together and to avoid burdening families with make up lessons during this time, there are no lessons scheduled during school holidays. This means that there are no cancellations, so nothing needs to get made up.

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