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Greg Sloane

Violin, Music Theory, Music Production

Since infancy, Gregory Sloane has surrounded himself with music. For years, he religiously listened to CD’s of classical artists—namely Antonio Vivaldi—which instilled in his mind and heart an adoration for the fine art. It was Vivaldi and his Four Seasons concertos which honed his focus to the violin. He loved the idea of the instrument so much that he solicited help from his father to craft one out of paper! Not long after that, he finally acquired a real one, and the seeds of his musical career were thus planted.

Greg has been playing the violin since he was six years old. In junior high school was when he first entered an orchestra, and this led him to attend the renowned Las Vegas Academy of the Performing Arts in 2012 in further pursuit of the craft. At this school, he was availed opportunities to travel both domestically and internationally and bring the love of classical music to more and more people, while studying under the guidances of Las Vegas Philharmonic members Karl Reinarz and Eric McAllister.

What more, Greg began composing his own classical music in 2010 and has persisted since. Aside from numerous personal projects, he has been commissioned several times by amateur filmmakers to produce soundtracks for their works. In a subsequent awards ceremony, his incidental-music pieces were nominated so many times that winning Best Soundtrack was practically a competition with himself! He presents a repertoire aplomb with over 250 solos, sonatas, symphonies, suites, and scores.

Greg’s adherence to especially music theory in high school first led him to the idea of teaching, for imparting what he had learned throughout his life unto others proved invigorating for him. Now, he aims to follow through. Music has been undoubtedly integral to humanity for centuries; to carry a tune is to entertain and express. But fostering a passion for the art through dedication and exploration is paramount for continuing it for centuries more. To be a part of such and escort others along the same path is his goal.

Greg Sloane


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